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Service of Process;
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With Prestige Process, all services are digitally tracked for instant notification, electronically transferred and digitally stored. Clients are also provided with 24/7 real-time access to all status updates and documentation, such as investigative details and search affidavits through our proprietary client portal.

Requirements and regulations for service of process can vary from state-to-state. Prestige Process clients are assured of experienced professionals nationwide who will protect you against costly delays or case dismissals.


We understand that your ability to track the status of a subpoena is vital to any case and provide numerous updates through completion.


A service of process involving a Judicial Summons often draws upon many of our professional services, including Skip Tracing and more. We are committed to utilizing any and all services required to fulfill your service needs.

Skip Tracing

Defendant location for service of legal documents -- Our sophisticated technology, paired with numerous data sources and advanced search algorithms provide cost savings (increased elimination of publication processes) and reduced delays due to Prestige’s rapid response times. Clients in financial services, including credit, collections and insurance markets benefit from our advanced technology, which allows us to locate more than 100,000 individuals annually.

Evictions & Unlawful Detainers

Prestige Process is well-versed in eviction statutes, and works to efficiently and effectively manage the eviction process. A tenant’s ‘due process rights’ must be followed to the letter of the law. Failure to do so can result in cases being delayed, dismissed, or may incur landlord liabilities. Our Service of Process includes: Unlawful Detainer, Notice to Quit, Summons, Court Filing (default packages), and Writ to Sheriff.

Marriage Dissolution & Child Support

Prestige Process maintains efficient and timely services during a marriage dissolution, and is committed to the welfare of children through reliable service of process related to family court and its support agencies to that end.

Loss Mitigation & Foreclosures

Nationwide service of process due to Loss Mitigation efforts or a foreclosure by a mortgage lender (including initial court filing if requested), is managed within a timely, professional framework of location, occupancy confirmation and contact with immediate client updates.

Transfer of Files

Should a case move from one client firm to another, we’re happy to facilitate the transfer of all proprietary documents and records safely and securely.

Licensed Investigative Services

Our team of professional licensed investigators perform surveillance and other specialized services requested.

Quality, Responsiveness, Value

"From the first phone call I had answers to all my questions, professional service, experienced, and knowledgeable. Completed the task in a quick manner and I highly recommend them to your processing services."
Eitan I.

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Batched Initial
Court Filing Services

Available throughout Florida (Fla Eportal), Batched Initial Court Filings is uniquely valuable for high volume firms that file multiple initial lawsuits daily (debt collections, foreclosures, etc.) within a county or state.

Prestige Process performs the heavy lifting on your behalf through advanced technology, relieving staff of the time-consuming process of individual, ‘one-at-a-time’ online case data entry.

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